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As a private client, an agent or insurance carrier, people rely on you to know trustworthy contractors and to be able to give your clients an honest recommendation.  That is where Luxxes, Inc. comes in, both for your residential and commercial clients.  Working with an exclusive group of preferred local and national vendors you can rest assured knowing that all of your property renovation and new construction projects will be coordinated with just one call.  Luxxes, Inc. pairs each of our clients with the best contractor for any project.  We also provide onsite project management services.

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Luxxes Inc. was launched in 2010 and has been working with residential and commercial clients to minimize the effects suffered after loss to a property or beginning of a new project.  Jessica Nesemeier has been in the construction and property restoration industry for over 25 years.  She has recognized the need for more attention to the client and their needs.  Jessica’s personal approach to building trust with her clients allows her to identify and isolate deficiencies of operational work flow processes and procedures. She is passionate about client services and the importance of understanding the process and how it affects her clients. Her expertise includes improving day to day operations, client support, on site management and strengthening work flow processes. Jessica is known for her attention to detail, understanding the needs of her clients and providing solutions to streamline the process of getting her clients lifestyles and businesses back on track.

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